End Abortion in South Carolina

Urge Your Legislators to Pass a Total Abortion Ban in South Carolina

Update (August 15, 2022): The State House Judiciary will meet tomorrow to consider the South Carolina Human LIfe Protection Act. Representative Jason Elliott is threatening to kill the bill during the morning subcommittee meeting. He and five other GOP members are considering introducing exceptions as well.

Please pray and then send this message to the following members of the Judiciary Committee:

I understand you and 6 other GOP members are threatening to add exceptions to the abortion ban tomorrow. If so, you are betraying the SC GOP platform, the SC Constitution, and demonstrating that you are unfit to hold public office in our great state. Please vote to protect life, no exceptions. Personhood SC will be publishing your votes in real-time tomorrow. I will be watching.

Email all members at once.

Update (July 29, 2022): The South Carolina State House’s Ad Hoc committee on abortion has released its recommendations. Among them is a ban on abortions with no exceptions in cases of rape, incest, or fetal anomalies. The recommendation comes as a draft of an amendment — the South Carolina Human Life Protection Act — to house bill H 5399, which now moves to the house judiciary committee for review.

  1. Pray for the advance of the recommended legislation.
  2. Contact the members of the house judiciary committee and tell them to add no exceptions.

Click here to email the following message to all of the committee members:

Despite many opportunities in the past, South Carolina has no abortion ban. The ad hoc committee of the state house has proposed an amendment to H 5399 — the South Carolina Human Life Protection Act — which would ban abortions in our state. Please protect life and give it your full support, without exceptions!

The SC House Judiciary Committee consists of the following members:

Original Post: Against all apparent odds and expectations, the United States Supreme Court has overruled Roe v. Wade. After 49 years, federal protection for abortion has ended. Praise God for His mercies!

Despite years of rhetoric and campaign promises, South Carolina does not have a total abortion ban recognizing and protecting the personhood of the unborn. The South Carolina State House of Representatives has appointed an ad hoc committee to develop such a bill, however. Upon completion, if it is approved, it will go to the state Senate for another vote as it appears the Senate has decided to wait on the House to lead.

Please take the following actions:

  1. Pray! Thank God for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Thank Him for the opportunity to protect life, state by state. Pray He would move legislators to complete the work in South Carolina.
  2. Contact your state legislators and direct them to support a total abortion ban, without exception. Call, email, text, and message via social media. Suggested language is included below.
  3. Contact the state senate’s majority leader, Senator Shane Massey. Urge him to rally South Carolina’s conservative caucus to pass a total abortion ban without exceptions. As in the past, he remains a significant barrier to pro-life legislation in our state. Warn him that if he hinders this bill or adds exceptions to it, we will dedicate ourselves to ending his political career.
    • Email: shanemassey@scsenate.gov
    • Mobile: ‭(803) 480-0419‬
    • Columbia: ‭(803) 212-6330‬
    • Work: ‭(803) 637-6200‬

Despite decades of Republican dominance, South Carolina has no total abortion ban. An ad hoc committee of the state house is currently meeting to develop one. Please give a total abortion ban your full support, without exceptions!

Take time to do these steps yourself, and then encourage everyone you know to do the same. It’s time to end abortion in our state and end it now.

The House’s ad hoc committee will hear verbal testimony at the Blatt Building in Columbia this Thursday, July 7, at noon. If you would like to stand with others for life, please arrive by 11 am.

Press Release: Supreme Court of the United States Overturns Roe v Wade & Planned Parenthood v Casey

Supreme Court of the United States Overturns Roe v Wade & Planned Parenthood v Casey

Jesus Christ is the Ruler over the kings of the earth.
– Revelation 1:5

First, as an organization grounded upon Biblical Christianity, we give praise and thanks to God for His great mercy expressed to our nation today in the epoch-defining Dobbs v Jackson decision. We have not earned such wonderful favor from the Lord, and yet, in His great kindness to us in Christ, the Living God has heard our prayers and had mercy upon our wayward nation.

Next, we call upon all those in South Carolina who love life and hate innocent bloodshed to immediately pass a total abortion ban in our great state. Life begins at conception, and so the right to life must be defended, beginning at conception, without exception. We are grateful to see the National Right to Life Committee Post-Roe Model Abortion Law calling for a total abortion ban, beginning at conception, without exception. Specifically, we call on South Carolina Citizens for Life to vigorously support this total abortion ban, beginning at conception, without exception. Let’s end all abortions now in South Carolina.

Finally, while remaining grateful to the Lord, we must face reality and acknowledge that today’s victory is only one major step forward in our battle against the cruel and relentless forces of death in our nation. The abolition of abortion effort has often been compared to the history of the abolition of slavery in our nation, and rightly so. The 14thamendment to the US Constitution requires that all states implement a permanent and total ban on slavery. The 14thamendment does not send the issue of slavery back to the states. Similarly, the undeniable personhood of every baby in the womb requires that every state must implement a total ban on abortion, beginning at conception, and without exception. We will not stop fighting until, like was achieved regarding the scourge of slavery, every state in our nation is free of the abominable practice of legalized baby murder. Our prayers and our efforts for this full victory shall continue until this righteous goal is achieved.

House Pledges 2022

Updated Wednesday, July 27, 2022

In advance of June 14, Personhood SC has sent out pledges, asking for support of personhood legislation. The latest responses may be found below, organized by district.

District First Name Last Name Party Response
1 Bill Whitmire Republican Yes
2 Bill Sandifer Republican No Response
3 Jerry Carter Republican No Response
4 Davey Hiott Republican No Response
5 Neal Collins Republican No Response
6 April Cromer Republican No Response
7 Chris Salley Democratic No Response
7 Jay West Republican No Response
8 Don Chapman Republican No Response
8 Ernest Mackins Democratic No Response
8 Jackie Todd Alliance No Response
9 Judith Polson Democratic No Response
9 Anne Thayer Republican No Response
10 Thomas Beach Republican Yes
11 Craig Gagnon Republican No Response
12 Daniel Gibson Republican No Response
12 Anne Parks Democratic No Response
13 Bill Kimler Democratic No Response
13 John McCravy Republican No Response
14 Daniel Duncan Democratic No Response
14 Stewart Jones Republican Yes
15 JA Moore Democratic No Response
15 Latrecia Pond Republican Yes
16 Mark Willis Republican Bounce
17 Mike Burns Republican No Response
18 Alan Morgan Republican No Response
18 Michael Reitz Democratic No Response
19 Patrick Haddon Republican No Response
20 Adam Morgan Republican No Response
21 Bobby Cox Republican No Response
22 Jason Elliott Republican No Response
23 Chandra Dillard Democratic No Response
24 Bruce Bannister Republican No Response
25 Tony Boyce Independence No Response
25 Wendell Jones Democratic Bounce
25 Yvonne Julian Republican No Response
25 Jack Logan Libertarian No Response
26 Raye Felder Republican No Response
26 Matt Vilardebo Democratic No Response
27 David Vaughan Republican No Response
28 John Fritz Wiebel Democratic No Response
28 Ashley Trantham Republican No Response
29 Dennis Moss Republican No Response
30 Brian Lawson Republican No Response
31 Rosalyn Henderson-Myers Democratic No Response
32 Max Hyde Republican No Response
33 Travis Moore Republican No Response
34 Roger Nutt Republican No Response
35 Bill Chumley Republican No Response
36 Rob Harris Republican Yes
37 Steven Long Republican Yes
38 Josiah Magnuson Republican Yes
39 Cal Forrest Republican No Response
40 Joe White Republican Yes
41 Jennifer Brecheisen Republican Yes
41 Annie McDaniel Democratic No Response
42 Doug Gilliam Republican No Response
43 Randy Ligon Republican No Response
44 Katie Crosby Democratic No Response
44 Aaron McKinney Independence No Response
44 Mike Neese Republican No Response
45 Keith T Grey Sr Democratic No Response
45 Brandon Newton Republican No Response
46 Heath Sessions Republican No Response
47 Tommy Pope Republican No Response
48 Brandon Guffey Republican No Response
48 Andrew Russell Democratic No Response
49 Thomas Hardin Republican No Response
49 John R King Democratic No Response
50 Marvin Jones Republican No Response
50 Will Wheeler Democratic No Response
51 David Weeks Democratic No Response
52 Eve Carlin Democratic No Response
52 Ben Connell Republican No Response
53 Richie Yow Republican No Response
54 Patricia Pat Moore Henegan Democratic No Response
54 Sterling McDiarmid Republican No Response
55 Michael Copeland Independence No Response
55 Jackie E Hayes Democratic No Response
55 Robert Norton Republican No Response
56 Tim McGinnis Republican No Response
57 Lucas Atkinson Democratic No Response
58 Jeff Johnson Republican No Response
59 Terry Alexander Democratic No Response
60 Phillip Lowe Republican No Response
61 Ashlyn Preaux Democratic No Response
61 Carla Schuessler Republican No Response
62 Robert Williams Democratic No Response
63 Vincent Coe Democratic No Response
63 Jay Jordan Republican No Response
64 Kimberly O Johnson Democratic No Response
64 Fawn Pedalino Republican Yes
65 Cody T Mitchell Republican No Response
66 Carla Litrenta Democratic No Response
66 David O’Neal Republican Yes
67 Murrell Smith Republican No Response
68 Ernest Carson Democratic No Response
68 Heather Ammons Crawford Republican No Response
69 Chris Wooten Republican No Response
70 Charla Henson-Simons Green No Response
70 Jermaine Johnson Democratic No Response
70 Vincent E Wilson Republican No Response
71 Nathan Ballentine Republican No Response
72 Seth Rose Democratic No Response
73 Chris Hart Democratic No Response
74 Todd Rutherford Democratic No Response
75 Heather Bauer Democratic No Response
75 Kirkman Finlay III Republican No Response
76 Leon Howard Democratic No Response
77 Kambrell Garvin Democratic No Response
77 Kizzie Smalls Republican Yes
78 Beth Bernstein Democratic No Response
79 Melissa McFadden Republican Yes
79 Ivory Thigpen Democratic No Response
80 Kathy Landing Republican No Response
80 Donna Brown Newton Democratic No Response
81 Bart Blackwell Republican No Response
82 William Bill Clyburn Democratic No Response
83 Bill Hixon Republican No Response
83 Jerico McCoy Democratic No Response
84 Melissa Oremus Republican No Response
85 John Davis Libertarian No Response
85 Jay Kilmartin Republican Yes
86 Bill Taylor Republican No Response
87 Paula Rawl Calhoon Republican No Response
88 RJ May Republican No Response
88 Daniel J Shrief Democratic Yes
89 Micah Caskey Republican No Response
90 Justin Bamberg Democratic No Response
90 Sharon Carter Republican No Response
91 Lonnie Hosey Democratic No Response
92 Brandon Cox Republican No Response
93 Russell L Ott Democratic No Response
93 Jim Ulmer Republican No Response
94 Ilene Davis Democratic No Response
94 Gil Gatch Republican No Response
95 Jeffrey Cila Republican No Response
95 Gilda Cobb-Hunter Democratic No Response
96 D Ryan McCabe Republican No Response
97 ReZsaun Lewis Democratic No Response
97 Robby Robbins Republican No Response
98 Sydney Clinton Democratic No Response
98 Christopher J Murphy Republican No Response
99 Marvin Mark Smith Republican No Response
100 Sylleste Davis Republican No Response
101 Roger K Kirby Democratic No Response
101 William Terry Wallace Democratic No Response
102 Ralph Elsey Republican No Response
102 Joe H Jefferson Jr Democratic No Response
103 Carl Anderson Democratic No Response
104 William Bailey Republican No Response
105 Kevin Hardee Republican No Response
106 Val Guest Republican No Response
106 Ryan Thompson Democratic No Response
107 Case Brittain Republican No Response
108 Lee Hewitt Republican No Response
109 Deon Tedder Democratic No Response
109 Rodney Travis Libertarian No Response
110 Tom Hartnett Republican No Response
110 Ellis Roberts Democratic No Response
111 Wendell G Gilliard Democratic No Response
112 David Stanley Artushin Democratic No Response
112 Joe Bustos Republican No Response
113 Marvin R Pendarvis Democratic No Response
114 Michelle Brandt Democratic No Response
114 Gary Brewer Republican No Response
115 Carroll O’Neal Republican No Response
115 Spencer Wetmore Democratic No Response
116 Matthew Leber Republican Yes
116 Chardale Murray Democratic No Response
117 Krystle Matthews Democratic No Response
117 Jordan Pace Republican No Response
118 Bill Herbkersman Republican No Response
119 Ken Fipps Republican No Response
119 Leon Stavrinakis Democratic No Response
120 Weston Newton Republican No Response
121 Eric J Erickson Republican Yes
121 Michael F Rivers Sr Democratic No Response
122 Bill Hager Republican Yes
122 Shedron Hook Williams Democratic No Response
123 Jeff Bradley Republican No Response
124 Shannon Erickson Republican No Response
124 Barb Nash Democratic No Response


Action Alert: South Carolina & the End of Roe v. Wade

On Monday, an initial draft of the Supreme Court’s majority opinion on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health was leaked to POLITICO. Justice Samuel Alito wrote the draft, and it confirms prevalent rumors that the nation’s highest court intends to strike down Roe v. Wade.

Such leaks are rare, and while this one has been confirmed authentic, it was likely released to pressure the judges in the majority to change their votes. Nonetheless, it’s an encouraging sign. Should the Supreme Court follow through on this initial opinion (remember, it was drafted several months ago), the primary basis for recognizing a national right to abortion would be removed.

Even if that happens, however, abortion would remain legal in South Carolina. Unlike many states, we do not have legislation protecting pre-born life should Roe v. Wade be repealed. Such legislation — S 1127, The Equal Protection for Unborn Babies Act — was introduced to the SC House and Senate earlier this year but stalled in committee.

It’s time our state went on record in defense of life and equal protection before the law. Please contact Governor Henry McMaster and ask him to call for the Senate and House to pass S 1127 immediately. No amendments.

For further analysis on the SCOTUS leak, please see World News and Free the States.

Support S 1127—The Equal Protection for Unborn Babies Act

Update (Thursday, April 28, 2022): S 1127 and H 4830, bills for The Equal Protection for Unborn Babies Act, are stuck in committees in the South Carolina Senate and House of Representatives. S 1127 remains before the senate Medical Affairs committee, awaiting review and recommendation to the floor of the senate, where it has been since the beginning of March. The committee has not taken up the bill since then. H 4830 remains before the judiciary committee.

Update (Thursday, March 31, 2022): Earlier this month, S 988, The Equal Protection for Unborn Babies Act, was re-introduced in the South Carolina senate as S 1127. The bill remains before the senate Medical Affairs committee, awaiting review and recommendation to the floor of the senate. H 4830, the House of Representatives’ companion bill, remains before the judiciary committee, but has yet to make a meeting agenda.

Update (Friday, January 20, 2022):
Representative Josiah Magnuson has released H 4830, a bill enacting the Equal Protection for Unborn Babies Act, in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Its language is very similar to S 988 introduced by Senator Cash in the Senate and it has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee for review.

Original Post: Last month, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in preparation for trying Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, a case from Mississippi revolving around a ban on abortions following 15-weeks. While there are many possible outcomes from this landmark case, a potential overturning of Roe v. Wade has attracted the most attention. In anticipation of such a decision, many states have passed “trigger laws”—legislation that will immediately abolish abortion in the state should the Supreme Court’s decision on the landmark 1974 case ever be overturned.

Many states, but not South Carolina.

Despite Palmetto State Republicans’ loud pro-life declarations and Red State advantages, they have never passed such legislation here.

The second half of the 2021/2022 legislative cycle has begun, however, and that oversight may be corrected—with your help.

S 988—The Equal Protection for Unborn Babies Act—has been introduced into the docket and has already made its way to the Medical Affairs Committee. If enacted, this bill would establish equal, legal protection for every baby conceived in South Carolina, beginning at conception, without exception—if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Pray. Pray that the Supreme Court would go all the way and use Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health to overturn Roe. v. Wade later this year. Pray that the Lord would bless S 988 and the senators who support it.
  2. Contact your state senator. Direct your senator to support and cosponsor S 988. You can find your state senator online.
  3. If your senator serves on the Medical Affairs Committee, direct him to vote for S 988 without exception. Here are the senators who serve on the committee:
    1. Daniel B. “Danny” Verdin, III (Chairman)
    2. Harvey S. Peeler, Jr.
    3. Brad Hutto
    4. Shane R. Martin
    5. John L. Scott, Jr.
    6. Thomas C. Alexander
    7. Tom Davis
    8. Kevin L. Johnson
    9. Thomas “Tom” D. Corbin
    10. Marlon E. Kimpson
    11. Margie Bright Matthews
    12. Michael W. Gambrell
    13. Sandy Senn
    14. Richard J. Cash
    15. Mia S. McLeod
    16. Dwight A. Loftis
    17. Billy Garrett

While there are many avenues for protecting preborn life in our state, this obvious step should have been taken a while ago. We’ll keep you informed as this legislation advances. A similar bill will be introduced in the South Carolina House of Representatives soon.


Personhood, Pro-life Bills, and the 124th General Assembly

Personhood, Prolife Bills, and the General Assembly of South Carolina

The South Carolina Legislature

First, a brief civics lesson. Don’t worry—we’ll keep it short.

The South Carolina Legislature consists of the State Senate and the State House of Representatives. There are 46 Senators (one for each county in the state) and 124 Representatives (representing districts throughout the state, based on population). Taken together, the Senate and House are called the General Assembly.

Legislative sessions in South Carolina follow a two-year cycle. The 2021/2022 session began in January of 2021 and concluded its first half in May. The second half of the cycle will begin in January 2022 and conclude later in the same year. Together, these ten months constitute the 124th General Assembly of the State of South Carolina.

Priorities of the South Carolina Republican Party

As we’ve pointed out before, the SC GOP maintains the personhood of preborn children in its party platform:

We believe that the right to life is the first inalienable right, without which there can be no other rights. We believe that all human life has intrinsic worth and therefore support vigorous legal protection at all stages of life, from the unborn child to the elderly to the infirmed and disabled.

We believe the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection applies to unborn children. Unborn children should be classified as legal persons not as legal property.

By longstanding tradition, however, the state’s Republican party only passes (or attempts to pass) a single pro-life bill per legislative cycle. Why? Many party members claim that such bills are time-consuming and resources must be reserved for other legislative matters.

In other words, there isn’t a good reason.

But for now, that’s the way it is. For the current, 124th General Assembly the #heartbeatbill was it. That bill is now tied up in court challenges, where it’s not protecting anyone—just like similar bills passed in other states.

How to Pass the Personhood Act

Personhood South Carolina exists for one purpose: to pass the Personhood Act of South Carolina. This act would proclaim:

The General Assembly finds that a human being is a person at fertilization.

And further:

The rights guaranteed by Section 3, Article I, of the Constitution of this State—that no person shall be deprived of life without due process of law nor denied the equal protection of the laws—vest at fertilization for each born and preborn human being.

In other words, South Carolina would recognize that persons inside the womb enjoy the same rights as persons outside of it.

But what about the state GOP’s reluctance to pass more than one pro-life bill per legislative cycle? What does it mean for the Personhood Act of South Carolina?

It means now is the time to prepare! To make this bill a priority for the next legislative cycle, we need to tell our representatives to make it one. We need to tell our state senators and representatives to pass Personhood in the 2022/2023 session. We need to start telling them now and not stop.

  • Pray for the end of abortion in South Carolina. Join a district prayer group. Don’t have a group in your county? Become a district captain and start one.
  • Join your voice with ours. More followers on Facebook, more followers on Twitter, and more subscribers means more voices calling for the protection of life. Join with us today!
  • Already on board? Then share this post with your friends and family! When it comes time to move the bill through a committee or onto the floor of the legislature, we want a call to action to reach a lot of South Carolinians.