Pleading for Life

Simple steps to change hearts, minds, and legislation in South Carolina. Speak up today! Speak to your state legislators about personhood.

Open your mouth for the speechless,
In the cause of all who are appointed to die.
Open your mouth, judge righteously,
And plead the cause of the poor and needy.
Proverbs 31:8 – 9

Abortion is the single greatest killer of human beings in America today — it kills over 5000 babies every year in South Carolina alone. This legalized slaughter has continued unabated by bills that place mild restrictions upon it without a hope of stopping it.

The Personhood Act is different.

If enacted, it would protect children from the moment they are conceived. It’s designed to ensure equal protection under the law for the most vulnerable members of our human family. It is a law designed to bring our legislation in line with logic and scientific evidence. It’s designed to save lives.

A single constituent contacting elected officials is very influential. Legislators are elected to represent our interests and they need to understand the importance we place on protecting preborn children in South Carolina. This page will guide you on how to find your legislators and candidates, contact them, and communicate with them effectively.

Before any of that, however, please pray. Nothing can be accomplished outside of the will of God. Before you speak with your representatives, ask God to be merciful to South Carolina by sending repentance to our citizens and politicians.

Find Your Legislators

Find your South Carolina state legislator
On the legislator search form, enter your home address, city, and zip code to find your South Carolina state senator and representative.
  1. To find a current legislator (i.e. state senator or state representative), visit the South Carolina Legislature’s website.
  2. Enter your address and click “Find Legislators.”
  3. Note the names of your South Carolina State Senator and South Carolina State Representative. Click on the names to view contact information, including phone numbers and addresses as well as a simple contact form. This is public information and you are welcome to contact your legislator through any of them!
  4. Before leaving this page, also note your SC Senate and House district numbers, which will be helpful when searching for and contacting candidates for state office.
Find your SC Senate and House district numbers
Before clicking on your state legislators' names, be sure to note their district numbers which will help you identify future candidates for their offices.

Find Your Candidates

In general, a political candidate’s campaign website or social media account will be the easiest way to get contact information or reach out. State candidates can be hard to find online, however, so visit the South Carolina Election Commission website for less convenient but accurate candidate information, when necessary, following the steps below:

Select upcoming election to find state candidates
Find your legislators and candidates on SCVotes.
  1. Visit the SCVotes Candidate Tracking form.
  2. Select the upcoming election under “Statewide Primaries and General Elections” and click “View.”
  3. Select the office — either State Senate or State House of Representatives — then select your county. Click “Search.”
  4. Find your district number in the list of results and click on a candidate name.
  5. Next to “SICPP/Filing Form,” click “View Document.”
  6. The resulting form may be a little hard to read as it is often filled in by hand. It will include the candidate’s home address, phone number, and email address, however.

Talking Points

At this time, you should devote most of your energy to pleading with your state senator regarding the Personhood Act of South Carolina in the State Senate. The Personhood Act has received strong support in the State House, where we expect passage once Personhood clears the Senate.

The following draft is a good place to start and you are welcome to use it and modify as needed:

Dear Senator [Name],

Thank you for serving the people of South Carolina in the state senate. Please represent all people in our state by supporting the Personhood Act of South Carolina.

Murder is already illegal in our state at every other stage of life. The unborn are not able to defend themselves, and I believe they deserve the same protections afforded to every other person. If passed, this bill would end the legal, systematic murder of over 5000 pre-born children each year. Life is precious — it’s time we act like it.

To that end, please cosponsor the bill and vote for it on the floor and in committee, as the opportunity arises. The function of government is not to grant rights but to protect unalienable, God-given rights, including the right of life. I call upon you to fulfill this function as a member of the governing authorities in South Carolina.

Peoples and nations are judged by their treatment of the most vulnerable members of society and no one is more defenseless than a child in the womb. Please add your voice to their defense! Together, we can eliminate abortion as the leading cause of death for babies in our community.

[Your Name]

Use this brief template as a script for a call or send it in an email. Or lot’s of emails! Expand it with information about yourself and your passion for pre-born, information about your community, and details about your legislator. If you don’t get an immediate response, send or call again and keep going until you do.

Above all, pray. Pray for changed hearts and faithful political action in defense of life.

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