2018 Personhood Day

On January 24, 2018, legislators, pastors, and citizens of South Carolina gathered at the South Carolina State House to urge passage of the Personhood Act of South Carolina (S217 / H3530). Below are their passionate speeches, personal testimonies, and prayers in support of the right to life of all preborn babies…

1. Executive Director Dr. Matthew Clark & SC Governor Henry McMaster


2. Senator Richard Cash


3. Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant


4. Attorney General Alan Wilson


5. Mrs. Valerie H. Quick


6. Pastor Tommy E. Quick


7. Representative Josiah Magnuson


8. Personhood SC Board Member, Pastor Andrew Dionne


9. Mrs. Ashley Lawton


10. Mr. Yancey McGill


11. Mrs. Rose Duncan


12. Pastor Mike Gonzalez


13. Mr. Travis M. Childers


14. Personhood SC Executive Director, Dr. Matthew Clark

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