Katrina Shealy tried to cast herself as Pro-Life even after her brazen opposition to life, but she could not evade the truth of her pro-abortion efforts, and she was exposed before her constituents who then rejected her by voting her out. All three “sisters for death” were voted out, and their opposition to life was the major reason they were rejected. Their anti-life votes played a role in all their defeats, but none more so than Shealy. She was well-funded and a highly regarded committee chair with all the advantages of incumbency. And yet she was beaten BADLY by 25%, 62.5% to 37.5%. Everyone knows that she was rejected by the voters in a massive landslide primarily over her anti-life votes.

Pro-Death Record

Shealy was at one time a co-sponsor of the Personhood Act, but in September 2022, only a few months after the overturn of Roe v. Wade, she was one of six Republicans (3men, 3 women) who joined the Democrats to kill the Human Life Protection Act. The 3 women, in particular, were proud of the public acclaim they received, and were eventually given the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award along with their 2 Democrat “Sister Senators.” This same award was given to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama in the past, and that is how Shealy went from Personhood co-sponsor to Planned Parenthood darling. But that is not all. In May 2023, Senators Shealy, Senn, and Gustafson joined with Democrats to filibuster the Heartbeat bill. When that failed, Shealy put up an amendment to change the 6-week bill to a 12-week bill. When that failed, all 3 Republican women senators voted against the Heartbeat bill that is now current law.

Blood on their hands: Remember 8,187 Innocent Babies Killed

8,187. That is the number of unborn babies killed by abortion in SC in 2023. The Human Life Protection Act, if passed in 2022, would have saved ~98% of those babies (8023). Instead, Senators Shealy, Senn, and Gustafson ended up advocating for a 12-week window for abortion, a time period during which ~98% of abortions usually take place in South Carolina. So, instead of saving 98% of unborn babies, their position would have resulted in the ongoing deaths of 98% of unborn babies! These three “sisters for death”, along with Senators Davis, Rankin, and Hembree, are partially responsible for the deaths of over 8,000 innocent babies in SC in 2023.

Shealy’s Post-Election Pro-Death Rhetoric against Fellow Legislators

Shealy said, “I’m going after them with all I’ve got,” Shealy told reporters. “If it takes two years on McCravy or four years on Cash… I’m hunting them down like the animals they are.” Her level of immaturity here is shocking! The only way for her to save face now is to publicly apologize to Representative McCravy and Senator Cash and to condemn her own dehumanizing words promoting violence against innocent men. Otherwise, we will safely conclude her support for violence against the innocent is not limited to those inside the womb. She was voted out because of her pro-death actions, not because of any other elected officials.


Senators Tom Davis (Beaufort/Jasper), Luke Rankin (Horry), and Greg Hembree (Dillon/Horry) are also guilty of standing against life. By refusing to support the Human Life Protection Act, they also helped contribute to the deaths of over 8,000 innocent boys and girls in South Carolina. They, like the “sisters for death”, are also traitors against the SC GOP Platform. They should be ashamed, and their pro-life constituents should begin the process of unseating these RINOs in 2028.


And what about those “pro-life” politicians who endorsed Shealy after she made herself the voice of “pro-choice” Republicans in SC, betrayed the SCGOP platform, and most importantly, betrayed the unborn babies? What are we to think of Tim Scott and Alan Wilson and Josh Kimbrell? What about Shane Massey, who says he spent $150,000 of Senate Republican Caucus money in the run-off period alone to try and save Shealy? They should be ashamed and pro-life South Carolinians should not soon forget, and surely Shane Massey no longer deserves to be the Majority Leader of the SC Senate after supporting Shealy and her death-promoting leadership efforts.


End Abortion in SC
Now, it is time for the strong voice of pro-life South Carolinians to be heard! We must immediately press for legislation that will restore equal legal protection for every baby boy and girl in SC, beginning at conception, and without exception. No stalling allowed. No compromises. No excuses. We must press our advantage NOW. Let the calls and emails to your elected officials begin now. We have the votes in the House. We have the votes in the Senate. It is time to get the job done. Click here to find your legislators.
Hold the Guilty Accountable: Massey, Davis, Rankin & Hembree
Unseat Shane Massey as the Majority Leader. He’s clearly lost his way on this most important topic. The SC Senate GOP caucus money should NEVER again be spent to re-elect a pro-death Republican! Click here to contact Massey  and ask him to step down as Majority Leader because of his use of GOP money to support a pro-death Republican.
Begin the work now in Horry, Dillon, Jasper and Beaufort counties to recruit and elect TRUE Pro-Life candidates that aren’t afraid to be bold in their stance. Davis, Rankin & Hembree deserve to be voted out.
Pray: ultimately, this is a spiritual battle
Finally, pray! Pray for Rep. McCravy and Sen. Cash, for their protection and perseverance in the face of persecution. Pray for your elected officials, especially as you call and email them asking for their vote for life. Pray for each other as we work to end a culture of death and strive for protection for all lives. Pray for Davis, Rankin, & Hembree to be removed from office. Pray for Massey to be removed as Senate Majority Leader. Pray for the Name of Jesus Christ to be honored and exalted and for His righteousness to guide our elected officials. Pray for the Lord to remove all those elected officials who will not repent and serve the Lord in their political duties. Without the Lord’s blessings, our efforts are in vain!

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