State House Representatives Ask the Governor to Close Abortion Clinics During COVID-19 Shutdown

The following is a transcript of the letter sent by 17 representatives of the state house of South Carolina to Governor Henry McMaster, asking him and his administration to close non-essential abortion clinics in the state during the COVID-19 crisis.

Dear Governor McMaster:

We the undersigned members of the South Carolina House of Representatives and the Family Caucus, write to raise substantial concern regarding Planned Parenthood and any abortion provider in South Carolina. Because of the pandemic, you asked medical professionals not to perform elective procedures at this time. Unfortunately, some are not following this advice and therefore are endangering the public by continuing. Despite your request on March 17th to “halt all elective and non-threatening surgical and medical procedures … ” they have continued to perform abortions.

It is imperative for healthcare facilities to cease performing elective surgeries during the current COVID-19 crisis yet, Planned Parenthood continues to perform elective abortions.

Putting aside any questions with respect to “elective” and “nonselective” at a time when personal protective equipment and other medical supplies are in short supply, it is unconscionable that a healthcare facility is not contributing to helping. Abortion facilities are linked to surgical facilities.

A growing number of states like Ohio and Maryland have ceased performing elective abortions during this COVID-19 health crisis to preserve critical personal protective equipment and medical supplies. South Carolina should do the same and stop abortions from being performed in defense of life.

Also, it was reported in the Hill that “A federal appeals court on Tuesday ruled that Texas can temporarily enforce a ban on abortions as part of its coronavirus response. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay on a ruling from a lower court that had blocked Texas from enforcing the ban. State officials argue the ban is intended to conserve medical supplies for health workers on the front lines of the corona virus response.”

We are sure you will find the fact that Planned Parenthood continues to operate performing abortions during this time equally disturbing. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We are hopeful that all healthcare facilities will direct resources to beating COVID-19 and defending life by helping the people of South Carolina in this incredibly difficult time. I’ve also attached a letter from Palmetto Family to DHEC that has pertinent information.


Rep. Stewart 0. Jones
Rep. John R. Mccravy III
Rep. Josiah Magnuson
Rep. Garry R. Smith
Rep. Steven W. Long
Rep. Jonathon D. Hill
Rep. Doug Gilliam
Rep. Mike Burns
Rep. Anne J. Thayer
Rep. Bobby J. Cox
Rep. William M. Chumley
Rep. Mark Willis
Rep. Melissa Oremus
Rep. Rick Martin
Rep. Ashley Trantham
Rep. Patrick Haddon
Rep. Adam Morgan

A copy of the original letter may be read here: House Representative Letter – 6 April 2020

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