The Centrality of Personhood in 2020

Ashley joined the board of Personhood SC this year and is running for the South Carolina House of Representatives in Beaufort, Hampton, and Jasper counties (district 122).

2020 has been a crazy year

Sad, but true.
Everyone seems to have an opinion about how things should be done or how things weren’t done correctly. I keep hearing about our rights and how they are being infringed upon, and of course, every one has an opinion. But what about our original rights afforded to us by this country’s forefathers. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Did you catch that? The right to LIFE. Every day, innocent lives are being ended by abortion. What about those lives? Who’s protecting and taking a stand for their right to LIFE?
In addition to everything else, this year is an election year, and it’s more important that ever to vote for those who will stand up for our right to LIFE. Ask those running for office in your area to sign the Personhood Pledge and vote to protect innocent lives. No exceptions.

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