25 Confused Reps Need to Stand for All Life

25 Confused GOP Reps

Email the 25 Confused GOP Reps

Current Situation: The Abortion Bill Survived the House Judiciary Without Any Exceptions Added

The battle over exceptions continues on Tuesday, August 30, when the South Carolina Human Life Protection Act (H 5399) is taken up by the state House of Representatives.

Sad reality: 25 Confused GOP Reps Voted with Democrats in 2019

The last time we faced a similar situation — April 2019 Heartbeat exceptions vote — twenty-five misled Republican reps voted to allow for the unjust killing of innocent preborn baby boys and girls (see list of names below). We lost the 2019 vote 62-38.

These 25 Republican Reps Are Out of Step With Their Platform and Their Party

The SC GOP Platform says:

We believe that ALL HUMAN LIFE has intrinsic worth and therefore support vigorous legal protection at all stages of life…

The SC Republican Party sent out a Pro-Life Action Alert on Monday August 15th, stating:

We need this bill to pass out of the House Judiciary Committee with NO NEW AMENDMENTS! New amendments could kill the bill and threaten pro-life progress in South Carolina.

These 25 GOP Reps Are Out of Step With the Entire South Carolina Pro-Life Community

The following organizations have all called for H5399 to pass without amendments:

  • SC Citizens for Life
  • SC Baptist Convention
  • Palmetto Family Council
  • The Catholic Diocese of Charleston
  • National Students for Life
  • SC Christian Chamber of Commerce
  • Carolina Pregnancy Center
  • Alliance Defending Freedom

What can you do?

Please send the twenty-five confused GOP Reps the following message:

Back in April of 2019, you voted with Democrats, failing to protect ALL human life. You placed yourself out of step with the SC Republican Party and the entire SC pro-life community. If you want to be taken off the list of “25 CONFUSED GOP REPS”, please send an email to office@personhood.sc pledging to PROTECT ALL HUMAN LIFE and promising to vote against any rape, incest, or fetal anomalies exceptions to H.5399

You can also text this message to the reps with mobile numbers.

Email the 25 Confused GOP Reps

What else can you do?

  1. Pray every day, asking the Lord to bless SC with a no-exceptions abortion ban.
  2. Continue to reach out to your own Republican state Senator and Representative, politely telling them “No Exception Amendments to H.5399”.
  3. Get your South Carolina friends involved. Send them this link so they can also subscribe to Personhood emails. Encourage them to follow our Facebook page.

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