End Abortion in South Carolina

Urge Your Legislators to Pass a Total Abortion Ban in South Carolina

Update (August 15, 2022): The State House Judiciary will meet tomorrow to consider the South Carolina Human LIfe Protection Act. Representative Jason Elliott is threatening to kill the bill during the morning subcommittee meeting. He and five other GOP members are considering introducing exceptions as well.

Please pray and then send this message to the following members of the Judiciary Committee:

I understand you and 6 other GOP members are threatening to add exceptions to the abortion ban tomorrow. If so, you are betraying the SC GOP platform, the SC Constitution, and demonstrating that you are unfit to hold public office in our great state. Please vote to protect life, no exceptions. Personhood SC will be publishing your votes in real-time tomorrow. I will be watching.

Email all members at once.

Update (July 29, 2022): The South Carolina State House’s Ad Hoc committee on abortion has released its recommendations. Among them is a ban on abortions with no exceptions in cases of rape, incest, or fetal anomalies. The recommendation comes as a draft of an amendment — the South Carolina Human Life Protection Act — to house bill H 5399, which now moves to the house judiciary committee for review.

  1. Pray for the advance of the recommended legislation.
  2. Contact the members of the house judiciary committee and tell them to add no exceptions.

Click here to email the following message to all of the committee members:

Despite many opportunities in the past, South Carolina has no abortion ban. The ad hoc committee of the state house has proposed an amendment to H 5399 — the South Carolina Human Life Protection Act — which would ban abortions in our state. Please protect life and give it your full support, without exceptions!

The SC House Judiciary Committee consists of the following members:

Original Post: Against all apparent odds and expectations, the United States Supreme Court has overruled Roe v. Wade. After 49 years, federal protection for abortion has ended. Praise God for His mercies!

Despite years of rhetoric and campaign promises, South Carolina does not have a total abortion ban recognizing and protecting the personhood of the unborn. The South Carolina State House of Representatives has appointed an ad hoc committee to develop such a bill, however. Upon completion, if it is approved, it will go to the state Senate for another vote as it appears the Senate has decided to wait on the House to lead.

Please take the following actions:

  1. Pray! Thank God for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Thank Him for the opportunity to protect life, state by state. Pray He would move legislators to complete the work in South Carolina.
  2. Contact your state legislators and direct them to support a total abortion ban, without exception. Call, email, text, and message via social media. Suggested language is included below.
  3. Contact the state senate’s majority leader, Senator Shane Massey. Urge him to rally South Carolina’s conservative caucus to pass a total abortion ban without exceptions. As in the past, he remains a significant barrier to pro-life legislation in our state. Warn him that if he hinders this bill or adds exceptions to it, we will dedicate ourselves to ending his political career.
    • Email: shanemassey@scsenate.gov
    • Mobile: ‭(803) 480-0419‬
    • Columbia: ‭(803) 212-6330‬
    • Work: ‭(803) 637-6200‬

Despite decades of Republican dominance, South Carolina has no total abortion ban. An ad hoc committee of the state house is currently meeting to develop one. Please give a total abortion ban your full support, without exceptions!

Take time to do these steps yourself, and then encourage everyone you know to do the same. It’s time to end abortion in our state and end it now.

The House’s ad hoc committee will hear verbal testimony at the Blatt Building in Columbia this Thursday, July 7, at noon. If you would like to stand with others for life, please arrive by 11 am.

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