Action Alert: South Carolina & the End of Roe v. Wade

On Monday, an initial draft of the Supreme Court’s majority opinion on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health was leaked to POLITICO. Justice Samuel Alito wrote the draft, and it confirms prevalent rumors that the nation’s highest court intends to strike down Roe v. Wade.

Such leaks are rare, and while this one has been confirmed authentic, it was likely released to pressure the judges in the majority to change their votes. Nonetheless, it’s an encouraging sign. Should the Supreme Court follow through on this initial opinion (remember, it was drafted several months ago), the primary basis for recognizing a national right to abortion would be removed.

Even if that happens, however, abortion would remain legal in South Carolina. Unlike many states, we do not have legislation protecting pre-born life should Roe v. Wade be repealed. Such legislation — S 1127, The Equal Protection for Unborn Babies Act — was introduced to the SC House and Senate earlier this year but stalled in committee.

It’s time our state went on record in defense of life and equal protection before the law. Please contact Governor Henry McMaster and ask him to call for the Senate and House to pass S 1127 immediately. No amendments.

For further analysis on the SCOTUS leak, please see World News and Free the States.

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